May 11, 2018

Senior QA Analyst

  • CCP
  • Reykjavík, Iceland
Full time Gaming QA / Testing

Job Description

CCP Games is looking for a talented and ambitious Senior Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst to help shape and implement the QA direction and processes for Project Nova at the CCP Reykjavik office in Iceland.
Test Planning & Documentation

  • Create/maintain test plans with input from all aspects of the team
  • Create/maintain/(execute) test cases in a TCM repository
  • Create/maintain regression scripts (presumably these will be run by outsourcer or automation)
  • Create/maintain test or deployment documentation

Defect Management

  • Monitor defect status with the team and perform regular triage
  • Manage defect tracking environment and process w/producers and QA engineering
  • Create and maintain best practices for defect tracking for the project

Leadership/Domain Expertise

  • Continues drive to understand the current state of the product and its direction
  • Effective in driving cross-team and cross-studio collaboration on quality
  • Engages in risk assessment and impacts mapping of issues w/team at planning stages
  • Proactively improves the quality related processes of the team, and instill a mindset of collaborative quality in them
  • Ability to manage offsite team of QA, and coordinate with offsite team of developers
  • Reviews designs and requirements and provides feedback prior to and during implementation
  • Identifies areas which could benefit from automation (and assists with designing tests for those areas)


  • Experience in working with outsourcing and contractors
  • Experience in managing the day-to-day manual testing effort
  • Experience in working in software development
  • Highly motivated and self-directed
  • Team focus, individual capability
  • Critical mindset – Confidence in questioning decisions
  • Interpersonal communications skills
  • Drive to continuously improve the project
  • Ability to build intelligent, lightweight and flexible processes to augment team work, not bog them down in QA admin and do things “the way it always gets done”


  • Experience in working in an agile team
  • Experience with git
  • Experience in test automation
  • Experience in playing FPS games
  • Experience in programming
  • Experience with Unreal engine
  • Proficient in systems design, or understanding of the proficiency
  • Performance benchmarking and profiling

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